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Call for assistance...(Edited)

I know everyone is hurting right now financially, and I feel really guilty posting this in light of the fact that I have so many friends out of work right now, but I would be doing myself a dis-service if I don't ask... does anyone want/need a maid or other services (legal! ~arches eyebrow~) that I can perform for a little extra spending money???  Anyone know where I could sell plasma? Anyone need simple bloomers/chemises/skirts/basic doublets for the upcoming faire season? Anyone want to buy one of my art pieces/vases?  Anyone want a pair of handcrafted Steampunk goggles for a good price?

(EDIT:  Email or call me - Tigerlady1974 at gmail dot com.   I usually charge $20-30 on goggles depending on style/adornment... the "base" goggles I've been using cost me around $9 before anything is done to them at all... add supplies, real leather details & labor... and you see why).  Steampunk jewelry is subjective, but I can craft small necklaces, bracelets, and pins for $8 to $20 each.  I need to know what kind of a character you're going for...mechanice/airship captain/doctor - whatever).  If you aren't in a huge hurry, I'll include shipping on them if you send me your shipping address.  I can take PayPal payments to: amanda@darkroomimages.net, but I actually prefer checks).

For basic chemises/bloomers/skirts I usually charge around $20-30 each (and I'll throw in the fabric/trim/lace out my stock if you aren't overly picky as I'm trying to use it up!)  I'll need basic measurements in order to sew though! 

For maid services, I usually charge around $50 for two to three hours labor and bring my own supplies.  I've worked for a couple of folks that are here on LJ, so if you want a reference or two (ArbitorOfCool & Lys1022 have both used me as a maid before) - lemmee know.  I work hard (cat boxes, scrub floors, "spring" cleaning... whatever).

I have three goals right now... all of which requires money I do not have within the next 30 days or so ...this is very SELFISH of me...but if you truly KNOW me - you know that I NEVER ask for anything for myself - ever.  I need these things for my sanity... what little I have left!  I have been bitten by the "Travel" bug in a way that is painful.  My gypsy spirit has clawed its way to the service, and I have got to get out and do a little traveling and do something for myself before I go mad.  I need money for the following:

1. money to pay for the towing of the Inceptor/Mad Max car to the Leo-Virgo Post-Apocalyptic party at my house on Aug. 22nd.  Yes, it's expensive... don't ask.  Don't tell me NOT to do it either... as I ask for very little & it's something I truly want - it's acutally the ~only~ thing I want for my birthday other than to have all my friends come and celebrate with us!  I've got photographers lined up and everything. 

2. money to pay for a Victorian costume.  It's already being made, and the seamstress says she'll take payments, but I don't want to leave her hanging for long...it was something I've always needed for various venues, but I don't have the time & talent to make for myself.   

3. money to go to DragonCon this year (Labor Day weekend) or a ride to Georgia... I can't afford a plane ticket unless someone has free miles they will throw my way.  I need $140 to contribute to a hotel room, and $100 for the ticket itself.  This is not a do-or-die thing, but I really enjoyed it last year and would like to go again and do the Steampunk thing again.

If anyone can help with any of these things or needs a very hard-working maid (me!) or errand runner or photographer or whatever, please let me know.  I"m pretty much only free on weekends to work. 


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Jul. 31st, 2009 03:15 pm (UTC)
How far does the car need to be towed? AAA auto charged me for a membership so if I can I wouldn't feel too bad making them tow something.
Jul. 31st, 2009 03:26 pm (UTC)
Have to specifically use the towing service that is trusted by the owner... it's a EXTREMELY rare car... so I only have the one option. :~/

Thanks, though...
Jul. 31st, 2009 03:38 pm (UTC)
Re: Can't...
How much is the towing cost? It would be good to have a goal for that.

How 'bout some rates on Steampunk gear? Or an Apocalyptooza costume? I could use both...
Jul. 31st, 2009 07:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Can't...
Goggles/Steampunk gear ranges from $20 to $30 per item. Goggles & plastic guns are expensive to buy before "modding" them and I use real leather/etc. too. Belts/props/etc. I can do fairly easily. You had a good "base" costume going at Panoptikon... just needed to identify yourself character-wise a bit more. :~D I'd love to get with you sometime soon and look at what you have and figure out what you want to go with it!

*HUGE Hug*
Jul. 31st, 2009 03:16 pm (UTC)
Mind you that's if they will tow something.
Jul. 31st, 2009 04:38 pm (UTC)
Bloomers for Grace
I could use some new bloomers for Grace.
email me and we'll hammer out details and payment.

Hope this helps! :)
Jul. 31st, 2009 05:10 pm (UTC)
I hope some jobs come your way; we'd love to see you at DC again!

And lol, I'm always in the market for a good pair of steampunk googles. Heehee, funny typo.
Jul. 31st, 2009 06:43 pm (UTC)
yup -hoping I make it to DC again. It was a blast... thanks for pointing that out... will go fix the funny typo now...lol!


Jul. 31st, 2009 07:39 pm (UTC)
Regarding the maid service, if you find yourself down in Houston sometime in the future I'll pay you to make my apartment look pretty haha. It's in shambles and I'm afraid to touch it. Mostly just unorganized and stuff is piled. :(

Misssssssss you.........also I need to talk to you soon about a few things.
Jul. 31st, 2009 08:05 pm (UTC)
well, if I find myself in Houston in the next couple of weeks... :~D I'll help!

Call me sometime when your cell plan won't eat you alive! I work late Friday nights, otherwise, after 9:30 pm (when I've got Cam in bed) ... I'm usually available. You could text message me and tell me to log-in too if you prefer... I gots webcam! Woot!


Jul. 31st, 2009 08:19 pm (UTC)
Re: Hehehe...
I will fo' sho'... <3
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