Hi. I'm still alive...

Life is good right now, other than being broke (which is constant! I'm so bad with money!). I'm living on Facebook right now & Not hitting this often. I am signed up for Spring classes at UT Arlington and trying to figure out how to secure money to pay for it by Jan. 12th. My company has tuition re-imbursement, but I need the initial $2k to get rolling... anyone got $2k I can borrow for 1-2 years? :::Head desk:::

I'm trying to make time for creative stuff again. I have drawn a new picture & posted it to Facebook. I wrote a new story that I hope to post to the "adult" story community "Anguisettes Writings" that Mick & I run here on LJ.

I'm going to be doing a pass-for-play for Sherwood Forest Faire in Austin this 2nd season. Texas Renn Fest was AWESOME this past year. I will be at Scarborough again, but not sure if I will have a contract or just working for tips this 2011 season.

Hope you are all well!


So I haven't blogged in months...

General updates:

My birthday is coming up at the end of this month. (meh). We may do "Cuspalooza" but are holding off to see how things fall. Things are *really* tight financially (as always).

I've been at my current job for about 5 months. I still like it, but I liked the last one a lot too. It (sort-of) pays the bills.

Rhianna the Troll has had a lot of recent success - including befriending Larry Elmore, the famous artist. He's a good ole' boy from Kentucky and he totally loved the trollop character.

I have already signed a contract to be Cast at Sherwood Forest Faire again down near Austin. Our inaugural year was fantastic! I'm excited about TRF coming up in a couple more months. Scarborough was decent this season - I was actually listed in the program this year and Mick & I had an article (post-faire) in Red Oak Now Magazine.

Too many creative things I want to do & not enough time as usual. I feel more "whole" and yet more "divided" than I have in a long, long time. I need to split myself down the middle in order to do all the "Mundane" things and all the "Fun/Creative/Dark" things too. Somewhere in the middle - a balance will be found. Sometimes I wish I didn't feel so damn much.

Overall, life is fairly good and I have few complaints.

Love you all.

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Love you and wish I could give you so much more this year! I may leave a little something for you at your Mom's house tomorrow (in hopes that it will get to you this weekend sometime... maybe?).

I can't afford to drive up to see you, or I would.


-Tigerlady :~D
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It's been too long... A CHALLENGE for YOU!

As my life gets more crazy and packed with projects and job hunt, I drift farther & farther away from LiveJournal. I spend MOST of my online time on Facebook these days, which does not lend itself well to Blogging... which was partially intentional. I got to a point where I didn't feel the need to share the silly minutia of day-to-day-living with everyone. I got to a point where I needed to shut people out for a time.

With the recent (3) deaths in the last 30 days within our Scarborough-Faire-Family/Community... I feel the need to post here again.

I do not know if now is a good time or not, but I want to challenge each & everyone reading this to do something. LIVE LIFE. Every day. Challenge yourself to do something BIZARRE & WILD that is totally out of character for YOU. This thought came about while Jessi (TheBB73) and I were just chatting on IM a few minutes ago. She wants to raise money to basically go Cliff Jumping in South Africa where she is currently living in HONOR OF BERT'S LIFE. I think THAT is one of the coolest tributes I have *ever* heard of in a long, long time.

So.. if you can find it in your heart to write a little "We remember you" Note to Jessi and email it to me - I will include it in the "Sunshine" package I hope to send her in February. If you want to contribute a couple bucks to her "Memorial Dive" in memory of Bert... let me know - I'm starting a collection. My PayPal is: amanda@darkroomimages.net and just let me know it's for Jessi's goal.

IF YOU HAVE ANY CRAZY ADVENTURE you want to do or share - SHARE IT with us & we'll see what we can do to help you LIVE LIFE. I'm game for as much adventure as I can physically squeeze into my crazy life. I would be honored to assist my friends in their goals. I'm about to go review my "Bucket List" for Life that I made on here on LJ back at age 28 & see what I can knock off the list.

I toasted Bert's life with my hubby last night over champagne, mixed with a couple of tears & smiles.



Love you guys!

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To my Dear Silly Wizard:

(I apologize for doing this a day early, but I may not be near a computer all day tomorrow)...

Having known you now for around 20 years, I can only say that with each passing year - I am still very thankful to be one of your "old" friends!  Happy Birthday, Matthew!!! I wish you more fulfilling, enlightening and magickal years to come!

-Your Dragonlady, Amanda!
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Ain't Pretty

On the Subject of being frugal...

Note to all - We have cut our cell plans down to minimum.  If you are on AT&T, you can still call us for free or please IM us online. No more texts & pics! :~(               (Sorry!). 

This is a small first step towards cutting back and getting out of debt. 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... still IM us, send photos to EMAIL, email us, send us "real" snail mail, etc.  We love hearing from our friends! Please ask us to do low-cost or no-cost outtings.  If you are hosting a booth at a Con or Craft show, and would be willing to take some of our pieces for a small commission/percentage - please let us know! If you see any good opportunities to make money (or have seamstress or leather-working jobs) for me or Mick, please let us know.

I will be working at Texas Renn Faire on the weekends for tips only, and if it proves to not be profitable at all... then I will have to quit.  Same goes for Sherwood Forest Renn Faire and Scarby. 

If you see excellent office job opportunities for me... please send them my way!  I'm sending out resumes every single day, but have not had any strong leads yet.

We are on a mission to be 100% debt free as soon as possible and to create an "emergency fund" to help us remain so!

Much Love,
Manda (& Mick)
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Position Needed...

I had a meeting with the Director of Operations today at my company.  My position is being eliminated in a week.  I will have my resume updated tomorrow morning and will begin officially posting it and looking around. Most of my co-workers still do not know.  I have the next week to attempt to organize "what I do" into some kind of a comprehensive format to give to the Director of Operations.  Chances are good that no one will maintain what I've been doing for nearly the past two years.  They have nothing but excellent things to say about me and tried to keep my position as long as possible, but it's "business."

I have a broad range of skills, but have worked in various office positions ranging from Receptionist to Executive Assistant in the past 16 years.

If anyone hears of anything, please let me know.

Amanda M.

p.s. - I'm still going to KCRF this weekend - since as a "Tag along" I am out basically no money except minimal food costs.


To all my lovely KCRF buddies... yes, I'm invading this weekend with friends who were nice enough to allow me to stow away!  (Thanks again to lawpup, tedw, captmarga, & chris... you guys are THE GREATEST! Thanks, Jesse & Robin for putting up with all my emails!).

So... Saturday, Rose McAnnally of the Kross Keyes Inn (barmaid/wench) will make her second appearance at the KCRF. (This will be my 3rd trip up in the past 8 years, but I wasn't Rose the first time).   Rose will be acting as a hired servant to the nobles... and trying to sneak in some flirting on the side.  I'm really excited about getting to play her again, as she is a lot of fun - headstrong redhead and all...

Sunday... RHIANNA THE TROLL will be delivering a letter from her Dread Sovereign, King Ik, to Brodd the Troll!  Rhianna is the official Ambassador for King Ik, and also one of his best warriors (okay... you can stop laughing now)... and she and Brodd are already planning mischief together.  (Ye gawds, I hope Russ gets pics!).


-manda ;~)
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