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Job Openings at a friend's company...

A friend of mine is looking for two people for their office... what I know is below:

1.  Receptionist (preferably bilingual - will consider a non bilingual with the right attitude and look) with a brain and computer skills. This position will be trained by me and will work for me.
2.  Operations Assistant.  I was asked if I knew anyone "like me" someone with organization skills and strong personality.  The Operations Manager is a great gal but she is just too nice and they someone to work FOR her but in tandem WITH her as she can't tell people what to do.
We are on Industrial close to the jail.  This is a warehouse with a large front office.  VERY VERY nice people.  No benefits. Family owned.  Please send resumes directly to me as this is not common knowledge.  We are hoping to bring in these two people quietly and without any hoopla.  I will be directing resumes for the Assistant position to my boss and he will set up those interviews. 

If you want the email address... ask me!




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Jul. 1st, 2009 09:09 pm (UTC)
"with a brain"
That's awesome.

DAMMIT for the job not being in Houston! I'm looking to take a step up and would like to get my feet wet in a new position where I can learn something. But...I needs the benefits me thinks.
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