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(Ganked part of a post in the hopes to spread the word...)

 [info]apocalypticbob is a great human being, and I'm honored to call her a friend, despite a great many miles between us (states actually)... but she is a hardworking, loving, creative and FUN person.  She is a single Mom and a substitute teacher...and she NEEDS OUR HELP! 

She has found herself in a spot due to issues with her automobile. [info]rowangolightly is bringing this online community together to see what we can do to help. More than 30 people from Kansas City, Oklahoma, and DFW have contributed this awesome list of stuff to raise the needed funds to help out. (INCLUDING... lovely fairy wings by Mick Moreau and STEAMPUNK JEWELRY created by me).

Please check out the goods. There are some unique and wonderful things for sale. Many hand-crafted bits of goodness, some pamper yourself stuffus, costume-y bits, oddities and the like. If you're like far too many I know who are currently un- or under- employed, please repost instead. Publicity far and wide will make this venture an even bigger success. And people will end up with cool swag in the process. FTW!

Bidding is open until Thursday, August 20th at 1:00pm CST.

If you like what you've seen and wish to bid on an item, go here. This filter also contains several additions not available that the time of the original post. Each item is listed separately, with a pic, full description, and bidding rules.


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Aug. 20th, 2009 08:23 am (UTC)
whoa! Isn't it amazing what people can do when they band together!? 31 items! WOW!
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