A rose by any other name...still has thorns.

Amanda M.
Artistic type. Virgo by nature... I like roleplaying games, music, & reading, and cooking/socializing but also active... like to hike, camp and travel. Renaissance Faires are one of my passions & I play a Female Troll named Rhianna at Scarborough Faire. I have One kiddo - TigerPup (born: April 2001). Smokin_Man is my Husband (& a very good one!) and KangiTanka3 is one of my best friends. The rest of my life seems to always be in flux - I've learned to go with the flow and learn when to struggle upstream. Everything has a pattern or cycle to it. Most of my "real" posts are locked to friends only. I prize my "adopted" family over my biological one in most instances because they accept me for the unique sexual creature that I am. I dislike narrow-minded people. I am known to go from Mothering "mode" to "MILF" in 2.5 seconds without warning. Things are never dull around me... and I write great stories to boot! I usually do not "friend" people under age 18 because I do not like imposing filters upon myself, and for legal reasons - I don't want to expose them to the reality that is my life. I have no secrets and practically no propriety. If you are easily offended - don't read my stuff. Life is a journey - live it to the fullest and have no regrets.